Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Every day I kill enormous amounts of time surfing the Internet and gathering information here and there from a list of old reliables. Some of my favorites:

Region Roundball Review
Indianapolis Star
Louisville Courier-Journal
In Deference To My Idols

Occasionally I'll check and see how all the colleges I've coached basketball at are doing, although I've finally hit the stage where all my Franklin kids have finally graduated:

Bellarmine University Knights
Brescia University Lady Bearcats
Franklin College Grizzlies

And when I was on the constant job prowl (which I don't intend to do anytime in the near future), there were the obligatory hunts with the NCAA and NAIA.

Figured if I could put all of those in one easy place, I could trim my time on the computer by a good 37 seconds or so!

More links to be added, no doubt. This is addictive!



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