Monday, April 24, 2017


It started innocently enough, with the 3rd grader giving her little sister a disapproving look while at the local fall festival parade back in October.  This might have all started a little sooner but I was slow uploading pics from that month to Facebook and it didn't hit the internet until the start of April...

While at a birthday party for my niece, we thought it would be fun to give me "tattoos," one for every yahoo I had to block online for being willfully stupid (although if that were the case, you could have just taken a Sharpie to my face instead).

Five minutes after this went online, a young man from our church saw my photo, remembered the one I'd recently posted.  The result:

I loved it.  Everyone loved it.  My daughter was slightly bemused.  My daughter is also a huge Star Wars fan, something that Adam knew.  Hence his next effort later that day.

Followed a few days later by this one after the first trailer dropped for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

George Lucas is notorious for tinkering with his movies and making revisions that some fans find controversial.  Taking out Alec Guinness for the next Super Special Edition will likely be met with outrage.

Alas, it was inevitable that eventually Katie would break out of the Star Wars world and into the realm of politics.  She was a Hillary supporter last fall and this actually mirrors her feelings on these fine Americans.

At this point, the requests are flying in.  Most recently, someone wanted her inserted in the artwork that was featured prominently in the best-forgotten 1989 flick Ghostbusters 2.  Consider it done!

More to come for certain!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Semifinals - UCLA vs. Houston  101-69
Houston vs. UCLA  71-69

Final Four Highlights

Final Four Highlights
SportsCentury: Pete Maravich
The Pistol: The Birth Of A Legend

Final Four Highlights

Championship - UCLA vs. Memphis State  87-66

Notre Dame vs. UCLA  71-70
Final Four Highlights

Championship - UCLA vs. Kentucky  92-85
Semifinal - UCLA vs. Louisville  75-74 (OT)
Regional Finals - Kentucky vs. Indiana  92-90
Final Four Highlights

Championship - Indiana vs. Michigan  86-68
'76 The Year Of The Hoosiers

Championship - Marquette vs. North Carolina  67-59
Road To The Championship

Championship - Kentucky vs. Duke  94-88
Kentucky Countdown

Championship - Michigan State vs. Indiana State  75-64
Regional Finals - DePaul vs. UCLA  95-91
Regional Semifinals - Indiana State vs. Oklahoma  93-72
Indiana vs. Purdue  53-52 (NIT championship)

Championship - Louisville vs. UCLA  59-54
Semifinals - Louisville vs. Iowa  80-72
Regional Finals - Louisville vs. LSU  86-66
Kentucky vs. Indiana  69-58
Louisville At The Wire

Championship - Indiana vs. North Carolina  63-50
Semifinals - Indiana vs. LSU  67-49
Semifinals - North Carolina vs. Virginia  78-65
Kentucky at Indiana  68-66
Indiana Celebration

Championship - North Carolina vs. Georgetown  63-62
Semifinals - North Carolina vs. Houston  68-63
Semifinals - Georgetown vs. Louisville  50-46
North Carolina vs. Virginia  65-60
Sky High In Carolina

Championship - N.C. State vs. Houston  54-52
Semifinals - Houston vs. Louisville  94-81
Semifinals - N.C. State vs. Georgia  67-60
Regional Finals - Louisville vs. Kentucky  80-68 (OT)
   The Rivalry: Red vs. Blue
Virginia vs. Georgetown  68-63
North Carolina vs. Duke  103-82
30 For 30: Survive And Advance

Championship - Georgetown vs. Houston  84-75
Semifinals - Georgetown vs. Kentucky  53-40
Semifinals - Houston vs. Virginia  49-47
Regional Semifinals - Indiana vs. North Carolina  72-68
Kentucky vs. Louisville  65-44
Georgetown/Syracuse Rivalry: An Oral History
Georgetown Pressure

Championship - Villanova vs. Georgetown  66-64
Semifinals - Georgetown vs. St. John's  77-59
Semifinals - Villanova vs. Memphis State  52-45
Regional Finals - Memphis State vs. Oklahoma  63-61
Regional Semifinals - St. John's vs. Kentucky  86-70
2nd Round - Maryland vs. Navy  64-59
St. John's vs. Georgetown  66-65
Kentucky vs. N.C. State  78-64
Louisville at Indiana  75-64
Perfect Upset: Villanova over Georgetown
A Big East Feast

Championship - Louisville vs. Duke  72-69
Semifinals - Louisville vs. LSU  88-77
Semifinals - Duke vs. Kansas  71-67
Regional Finals - Louisville vs. Auburn  84-76
Regional Finals - LSU vs. Kentucky  59-57
Regional Semifinals - Kansas vs. Michigan State  96-86 (OT)
Regional Semifinals - Louisville vs. North Carolina  94-79
2nd Round - Michigan State vs. Georgetown  80-68
1st Round - Cleveland State vs. Indiana  83-79
Michigan vs. Indiana  80-52
Louisville vs. Memphis  70-69
Kentucky vs. Louisville  69-64

Championship - Indiana vs. Syracuse  74-73
Semifinals - Indiana vs. UNLV  97-93
Semifinal - Syracuse vs. Providence  77-63
Regional Final - Indiana vs. LSU  77-76
Regional Final - UNLV vs. Iowa  84-81
Regional Semis - Indiana vs. Duke  88-82
2nd Round - Indiana vs. Auburn  107-90
Indiana at Michigan  85-84
Kentucky at Louisville  85-51
Hoosier Hysteria

Championship - Kansas vs. Oklahoma  83-79
Semifinals - Oklahoma vs. Arizona  86-78
Semifinals - Kansas vs. Duke  66-59
Regional Finals - Arizona vs. North Carolina  70-52
Regional Finals - Duke vs. Temple  63-53
1st Round - Richmond vs. Indiana  72-69
Indiana vs. Purdue  82-79
Kentucky vs. Syracuse  62-58
Going To Kansas City

Championship - Michigan vs. Seton Hall  80-79 (OT)
Semifinals - Michigan vs. Illinois  83-81
Semifinals - Seton Hall vs. Duke  95-78
1st Round - Georgetown vs. Princeton  50-49
Illinois at Indiana  70-67
Syracuse vs. Georgetown  82-76 (OT)
Indiana vs. Michigan State  75-60
Indiana at Michigan  71-70
Illinois vs. Michigan  96-84
Illinois at Michigan  89-73
Louisville vs. Indiana  101-79
1989 Michigan Basketball
Blue Skies In Seattle

Championship - UNLV vs. Duke  103-73
Semifinals - UNLV vs. Georgia Tech  90-81
Regional Finals - UNLV vs. Loyola Marymount  131-101  1st half  2nd half
Regional Finals - Georgia Tech vs. Minnesota  93-91
2nd Round - Georgia Tech vs. LSU  94-91
Indiana vs. Ohio State  77-66
LSU vs. UNLV  107-105
Indiana at Wisconsin  70-68
UNLV vs. Louisville  91-81
Illinois at Indiana  67-61
The Runnin' Rebels of UNLV
Rocky Mountain Magic

Championship - Duke vs. Kansas  72-65
Semifinals - Duke vs. UNLV  79-77
Semifinals - Kansas vs. North Carolina  79-73
Regional Finals - UNLV vs. Seton Hall  77-65
Regional Finals - Kansas vs. Arkansas  93-81
UNLV at Arkansas  112-105
Ohio State at Indiana  93-85
Ohio State vs. Indiana  97-95 (2OT)  1st half  2nd half
LSU vs. Kentucky  107-88
UNLV at Louisville  97-85
Iowa at Indiana  80-79 (OT)
Indiana vs. Kentucky  87-84
Indiana at Purdue  65-62

Championship - Duke vs. Michigan  71-51
Semifinal - Duke vs. Indiana  81-78
Semifinal - Michigan vs. Cincinnati  76-72
Regional Final - Indiana vs. UCLA  106-79
Regional Final - Michigan vs. Ohio State  75-71 (OT)
Regional Final - Duke vs. Kentucky  104-103 (OT)
   The Laettner Game
2nd Round - Indiana vs. LSU  89-79
Indiana vs. Notre Dame  78-46
Indiana vs. Minnesota  96-50
Indiana at Ohio State  86-80
Indiana vs. Wisconsin  66-41
Indiana at Cincinnati  81-60
Indiana vs. Vanderbilt  88-51

Regional Final - Kansas vs. Indiana  83-77
Regional Semifinal - Indiana vs. Louisville  82-69
2nd Round - California vs. Duke  82-77
Ohio State vs. Indiana  81-77 (OT)
Indiana vs. Michigan  93-92
Indiana at Michigan  76-75
Indiana vs. Minnesota  61-57
Duke vs. Michigan  79-68
Indiana vs. Purdue  93-78
Kansas vs. Indiana  74-69
Championship Commitment: Indiana Hoosiers 1992-93
Blue Heaven: A History of UNC Basketball
March Of The Tar Heels
E:60 - Bobby Hurley

2nd Round - Boston College vs. North Carolina  75-72
Indiana vs. Kentucky  96-84
Hog Wild

Wizards Again

Championship - Kentucky vs. Syracuse  76-67
Semifinal - Kentucky vs. Massachusetts  81-74
1st Round - Princeton vs. UCLA  43-41
Back On Top Cats

Semifinal - Arizona vs. North Carolina  66-58
Regional Final - Arizona vs. Providence  96-92 (OT)

Championship - Kentucky vs. Utah  78-69
Regional Final - Kentucky vs. Duke  86-84
North Carolina vs. Duke  83-68 (ACC Tournament)
North Carolina vs. Duke  97-73

Championship - Connecticut vs. Duke  77-74
Yes, UConn

Spartan Conquest

Championship - Duke vs. Arizona  82-72

Championship - Maryland vs. Indiana  64-52
Semifinal - Indiana vs. Oklahoma  73-64
Regional Finals - Indiana vs. Kent State  81-69
Regional Semifinals - Indiana vs. Duke  74-73

Championship - Syracuse vs. Kansas  81-78
Semifinals - Syracuse vs. Texas  95-84
Semifinals - Kansas vs. Marquette  94-61
Regional Finals - Marquette vs. Kentucky  83-69
Finally Orange


Championship - North Carolina vs. Illinois  75-70
A Cut Above: 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball

Championship - Florida vs. UCLA  73-57

Championship - Florida vs. Ohio State  84-75

Kansas vs. Memphis  75-68 (OT)

Championship - North Carolina vs. Michigan State  89-72

Championship - Duke vs. Butler  61-59
Semifinals - Butler vs. Michigan State  52-50
Regional Finals - West Virginia vs. Kentucky  73-66
Regional Finals - Butler vs. Kansas State  63-56
Regional Semifinals - Butler vs. Syracuse  63-59

Championship - Connecticut vs. Butler  53-41

Championship - Kentucky vs. Kansas  67-59
Semifinals - Kentucky vs. Louisville  69-61
Semifinals - Kansas vs. Ohio State  64-62
Regional Finals - Kansas vs. North Carolina  80-67
Regional Semifinals - Kentucky vs. Indiana  102-90
Indiana vs. Kentucky  73-72
Michigan vs. Indiana  68-56

Championship - Louisville vs. Michigan  82-76
Semifinals - Louisville vs. Wichita State  72-68
Regional Finals - Louisville vs. Duke  85-63
1st Round - Florida Gulf Coast vs. Georgetown  78-68
Illinois vs. Indiana  74-72

Championship - Connecticut vs. Kentucky  60-54
Semifinals - Kentucky vs. Wisconsin  74-73
Regional Finals - Kentucky vs. Michigan  75-72
2nd Round - Kentucky vs. Wichita State  78-76

Championship - Duke vs. Wisconsin  68-63
Semifinals - Wisconsin vs. Kentucky  71-64
Regional Semifinals - Wisconsin vs. North Carolina  79-72

Championship - Villanova vs. North Carolina  77-74

Indiana vs. Kansas  103-99 (OT)
Indiana vs. North Carolina  76-67
Kansas vs. Kentucky  79-73
Kentucky vs. North Carolina  103-100

Thursday, April 07, 2016


   Semifinal - Shelbyville 54, E.C. Washington 46
   Semifinal - T.H. Garfield 59, Marion 50
   Semifinals - Evansville Central 48, Muncie Central 40 and Lafayette 60, Anderson 48
1949 - Jasper 62, Madison 61
1950 - Madison 67, Lafayette Jeff 44
   Semifinals - Madison 50, Marion 49 and Lafayette Jeff 51, New Albany 49 (OT)
   Spence Schnaitter
1951 - Muncie Central 60, Evansville Reitz 58
   Semifinals - Ev. Reitz 66, Crispus Attucks 59 and Muncie Central 51, Lafayette Jeff 41
1952 - Muncie Central 68, Indianapolis Arsenel Tech 49
   Semifinal - Muncie Central 68, New Albany 67
   Semifinal - Indianapolis Arsenel Tech 56, Lafayette Jeff 49
1953 - S.B. Central 42, T.H. Gerstmeyer 41
   Semifinal - South Bend Central 56, Milan 37
   Semifinal - T.H. Gerstmeyer 48, Richmond 40

1954 - Milan 32, Muncie Central 30
   Semifinal - Milan 60, T.H. Gerstmeyer 48
   Hoops, Hope and Change
   The Plump Legacy
   '54 seniors interviewed in 2016
1955 - Crispus Attucks 97, Gary Roosevelt 74
   Against All Odds: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

1956 - Crispus Attucks 79, Lafayette Jeff 57
1957 - S.B. Central 67, Crispus Attucks 55
   Semifinals - Crispus Attucks 85, T.H. Gerstmeyer 71
1958 - F.W. South 63, Crawfordsville 34
   Semifinals - F.W. South 55, Springs Valley 42 and Crawfordsville 53, Muncie Central 45
1959 - Crispus Attucks 92, Kokomo 54
   Semifinals - Crispus Attucks 76, Logansport 50 and Kokomo 58, New Albany 56 (OT)
1960 - E.C. Washington 75, Muncie Central 59
   Semifinal - Muncie Central 102, Bloomington 66 and E.C. Washington 62, F.W. Central 61
1961 - Kokomo 68, Indianapolis Manual 66 (OT)
   Semifinals - Indianapolis Manual 70, Tell City 55 and Kokomo 87, Logansport 66
1962 - Evansville Bosse 64, E.C. Washington 61
   Regional - E.C. Washington vs. Michigan City Elston
   Sectional Finals - Michigan City Elston vs. Clinton Township
1963 - Muncie Central 65, S.B. Central 61
   Semifinals - Muncie Central 73, Lafayette Jeff 71 and S.B. Central 72, T.H. Garfield 45
1964 - Lafayette Jeff 58, Huntington 55
   Semifinals - Huntington 71, Columbus 67 and Lafayette Jeff 74, Evansville Rex Mundi 61
1965 - Indianapolis Washington 64, Ft. Wayne North Side 57
   Semifinals - Indpls. Washington 88, Princeton 76 and F.W. North 74, Gary Roosevelt 65
1966 - M.C. Elston, 63, Indianapolis Arsenal Tech 52
   Semifinals - M.C. Elston 81, E.C. Washington 64 and Indpls. Tech 58, Cloverdale 51
   Rick Mount
1967 - Evansville North 60, Lafayette Jeff 58
   Semifinals - Evansville North 66, New Castle 56 and Lafayette Jeff 79, F.W. South 70
   Regional Finals - T.H. Garfield 76, Bloomington 64
1968 - Gary Roosevelt 68, Indianapolis Shortridge 60
   Semifinals - Gary Roosevelt 65, Vincennes 48 and Shortridge 58, Marion 56
1969 - Indianapolis Washington 79, Gary Tolleston 76
   Semifinals - Indpls. Washington 61, Marion 60 and Gary Tolleston 77, Vincennes Lincoln 66

1970 - E.C. Roosevelt 72, Carmel 62
   Semifinal - Carmel 71, Loogootee 62
   Semifinal - E.C. Roosevelt 90, Muncie Central 75
1971 - E.C. Washington 70, Elkhart 60
   Semifinal - E.C. Washington 102, Floyd Central 88
   Semifinal - Elkhart 65, New Castle 60 (3OT)
   A Team For The Ages
1972 - Connersville 80, Gary West Side 63
   Semifinal - Gary West Side 75, Anderson Madison Heights 67
   Semifinal - Connersville 76, Jeffersonville 69 (OT)
1973 - New Albany 84, S.B. Adams 79
   Semifinal - S.B. Adams 99, Anderson 95
   Semifinal - New Albany 77, Franklin 76 (OT)

1974 - F.W. Northrop 59, Jeffersonville 56
   Semifinal - F.W. Northrop 63, Lafayette Jeff 49
   Semifinal - Jeffersonville 63, Franklin 52
1975 - Marion 58, Loogootee 46
   Semifinal - Marion 73, Lebanon 65
   Indianapolis Semistate - Rushville vs. Muncie North
1976 - Marion 82, Rushville 76
   Indianapolis Semistate - Rushville vs. Perry Meridian
1977 - Carmel 53, E.C. Washington 52
1978 - Muncie Central 65, T.H. South 64 (OT)
1979 - Muncie Central 64, Anderson 60
1980 - Broad Ripple 73, New Albany 66
   Evansville Semistate - New Albany vs. Crawford County
   Evansville Semistate - Crawford County vs. Evansville North
   Evansville Semistate - New Albany vs. T.H. South
   Evansville Semistate preview
1981 - Vincennes Lincoln 54, Anderson 52
   Semifinal - Vincennes Lincoln 72, Shenandoah 53
1982 - Plymouth 75, Gary Roosevelt 74 (2OT)
   Semifinals - Plymouth 62, Cathedral 59 and Gary Roosevelt 58, Evansville Bosse 57
   Ft. Wayne Regional - F.W. Harding 64, F.W. Snider 62

1983 - Connersville 63, Anderson 62
   Semifinal - Anderson 89, Marion 87 (2OT)
   Terre Haute Semistate - Princeton vs. Washington 1st half  2nd half
   Terre Haute Semistate - Princeton 58, Cloverdale 54
1984 - Warsaw 59, Vincennes Lincoln 56
   Semifinal - Warsaw 78, New Castle 74
   Semifinal - Vincennes Lincoln 64, Lake Central 56
1985 - Marion 74, Richmond 67
   Semifinal - Marion 76, Southridge 52
   Semifinal - Richmond 85, E.C. Washington 79
   Evansville Semistate - Southridge 72, L&M 54
1986 - Marion 75, Anderson 56
   Semifinal - Anderson 70, Shelbyville 69 (OT)
   Semifinal - Marion, Southridge
   Indianapolis Semistate - Shelbyville 74, New Castle 67
   Terre Haute Semistate - Southridge vs. Floyd Central
   Sectional Finals - Anderson vs. Pendleton Heights
   Indiana's Game (documentary)
   Hoosiers Revisited
1987 - Marion 69, Richmond 56
   Semifinal - Marion 70, Bedford-North Lawrence 61
   Semifinal - Richmond 66, Gary Roosevelt 60
   Regional Finals - Pike 62, Southport 51
   Indiana All-Stars at Freedom Hall

1988 - Muncie Central 76, Concord 53
   Semifinal - Muncie Central 60, Bedford-North Lawrence 53
   Semifinal - Concord 66, Hammond Noll 50
   Terre Haute Semistate - Bedford-North Lawrence vs. Loogootee
   Terre Haute Semistate - Bedford-North Lawrence vs. Greencastle
   Bedford-North Lawrence at Jeffersonville
   Shawn Kemp: Before The Reign
   McDonald's All-Star Game
1989 - Lawrence North 74, Kokomo 57
   Semifinal - Kokomo 73, Floyd Central 70
   Semifinal - Lawrence North 81, S.B. St. Joseph 62
   Evansville Semistate - Floyd Central vs. Paoli
   Lawrence North season preview
   Bedford-North Lawrence at Floyd Central
   McDonald's All-American Game
1990 - Bedford-North Lawrence 63, Concord 60
   Semifinal - Concord 70, Anderson 66
   Semifinal - Bedford-North Lawrence 58, Southport 55
   Terre Haute Semistate - Evansville Bosse vs. Loogootee
   Anderson Sectional - Anderson vs. Anderson Highland
   Bedford-North Lawrence vs. Pike (Hall of Fame semis)  60-55
   The H.S. Baller 41,000 Came To See

1991 - Gary Roosevelt 51, Indianapolis Brebeuf 32
   Semifinal - Indianapolis Brebeuf 52, T.H. South 39
   Semifinal - Gary Roosevelt 83, Whitko 53
   Regular season - Gary Roosevelt 87, Gary Wirt 50
   LaPorte season highlights
   Hall of Fame Tournament - Martinsville 66, Gary Roosevelt 62
1992 - Richmond 77, Lafayette Jeff 73 (OT)
   Semifinal - Richmond 94, Jeffersonville 92 (OT)
   Semifinal - Lafayette Jeff 71, Warsaw 58
   Knox Basketball Legend: Jeremy Crittendon
   Indiana/Kentucky All-Star Game
1993 - Jeffersonville 66, Ben Davis 61
   Semifinal - Ben Davis 62, Carmel 46
   Semifinal - Jeffersonville 87, South Bend St. Joseph's 74
   Washington Regional Semifinals - Paoli vs. Forest Park
1994 - S.B. Clay 93, Valparaiso 88 (OT)
   Semifinal - Valparaiso 84, Ben Davis 69
   Semifinal - S.B. Clay 61, New Albany 57
   Paoli Sectional - Paoli vs. Springs Valley
   Chicago Westinghouse at Paoli
1995 - Ben Davis 58, Merrillville 57
   Semifinal - Ben Davis 82, Jeffersonville 62
   Semifinal - Merrillville 62, Elkhart Central 49
   Evansville Semistate - Bedford-North Lawrence vs. Crawford County
   Washington Regional - Jasper vs. Crawford County
   Crawford County Sectional - Corydon vs. Crawford County
1996 - Ben Davis 57, New Albany 54 (2OT)
   Semifinal - New Albany 82, Warsaw 65
   Semifinal - Ben Davis 61, Lafayette Jeff 53
1998 (1A) - Lafayette Central Catholic 56, Bloomfield 48 
   High School Basketball At It's Most Intense
   Old High Schools and Gyms of Indiana
1999 (2A) - Westview 71, Paoli 52
2000 (2A) - Westview 59, Winchester 53
2002 (4A) - Gary West Side 58, Indianapolis Pike 55
2003 (1A) - Lafayette Central Catholic 68, Southwestern Shelby 64
2004 (4A) - Lawrence North 50, Columbia City 29
2005 (4A) - Lawrence North 63, Muncie Central 52
2005 (2A) - Forest Park 68, F.W. Harding 63
2005 (1A) - Lapel 51, Loogootee 40
2005 (3A) - Washington 74, Plymouth 72
   Greg Oden overview

2006 (4A) - Lawrence North 80, Muncie Central 56
2006 (3A) - New Castle 51, Jay County 43
2006 (2A) - Forest Park 61, F.W. Harding 55
2006 (1A) - Hauser 64, Tri-Central 36
   Lawrence North vs. North Central highlights
2007 (4A) - East Chicago Central 87, North Central 83
2007 (3A) - Plymouth 72, Evansville Boss 61
2007 (2A) - Northwestern 78, Winchester 74 (2OT)
2007 (1A) - Oregon-Davis 63, Barr-Reeve 52
2008 (4A) - Brownsburg 40, Marion 39
2008 (1A) - Triton 50, Indpls. Lutheran 42
2009 (1A) - Jac-Cen-Del 66, Triton 55
   History of Indiana High School Basketball
   Indiana Basketball Hall Of Fame promotional video
2011 (3A) - Washington 61, Culver Academy 46
2013 (1A) - Borden 55, Triton 50
2014 (4A) - Indianapolis Tech 63, Lake Central 59
2014 (2A) - Park Tudor 84, Westview 57
   Perry Meridian vs. Plainfield
   Greensburg goes for back-to-back
   Stacy Meyer
2015 (4A) - Homestead 91, Evansville Reitz 90
2015 (1A) - Barr-Reeve 65, Marquette Catholic 50
   Washington vs. Jasper
   Washington vs. Evansville Reitz
   New Albany vs. Jeffersonville recap
   A Basketball Fan's Journey Through The State
   Hoosier Hardwood Photo Project
   Frankfort Regional - Liberty Christian vs. Seton Catholic
   Washington Regional - Pike Central vs. Evansville Bosse
   Washington Regional - Silver Creek vs. Greensburg
   Washington Regional - Evansville Bosse vs. Silver Creek
   Frankfort Regional - Liberty Christian vs. Lafayette Central Catholic recap
   Richmond Semistate - New Albany 82, Southport 64
   McCutcheon vs. Carmel regional recap
   McCutcheon vs. Warsaw semistate recap
   New Albany vs. McCutcheon preview
   New Albany vs. McCutcheon recap
   Lapel vs. Indianapolis Howe recap
   Liberty Christian vs. Bloomfield recap
   Marion vs. Oak Hill
   New Albany vs. LaLumiere - 1st half   2nd half
   New Albany vs. Columbus East
   Columbus East vs. Columbus North
   Bloomington North vs. Columbus North

   4A Seymour Semistate - Warren Central vs. New Albany
   4A Lafayette Jeff Semistate - Carmel vs. South Bend Riley
   3A Washington Semistate - Evansville Bosse vs. Danville
   3A Lafayette Jeff Semistate - Culver Academy vs. New Castle
   2A Washington Semistate - Forest Park vs. Scecina
   2A Huntington Semistate - Oak Hill vs. Westview
   1A Seymour Semistate - Morristown vs. Barr-Reeve
   1A Huntington Semistate - Southwood vs. Ft. Wayne Blackhawk
   4A Logansport Regional - Carmel vs. Ft. Wayne Northside
   2A Lapel Regional - Oak Hill vs. Lapel
   2A Lapel Regional - Tipton vs. Covington
   1A Logansport Regional - Ft. Wayne Blackhawk vs. Gary 21st Century
   4A Seymour Sectional - New Albany vs. Floyd Central
   4A Seymour Sectional - Floyd Central vs. Jeffersonville
   New Albany vs. Silver Creek   73-65
   New Albany vs. Ft. Wayne Northside   97-59
   New Albany at Carmel   59-48

Sunday, August 05, 2012

1977 in film

If Jaws set the stage for the era of the summer blockbuster, Star Wars kicked the door completely in.  There's a lot of great movies out there, including a whole host that in the grand scheme of things are far better than the original Star Wars.  But very few become a complete cultural phenomenon, and maybe none moreso than our introduction to Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and (especially) Harrison Ford did.  After 1977, everything had changed in a way that continues through today.

#5 - Jesus Of Nazarth: There's obviously quite a few high-quality works on the life of Christ.  Of the more comprehensive efforts, this is the one I always hearken back to in my mind.  The piercing eyes and effortless calm that Robert Powell brought to the role made him the standard going forward.

#4 - Slap Shot: How fun must this have been for Paul Newman to do?  All the great movies he's been in, all the fantastic roles that he was able to sink his teeth into and be honored for...and then there's this foul-mouthed bit of trash that has no hesitation whatsoever to get down and roll in the mud.  Speaking of vulgarities, be forewarned that the granddaddy of them all gets used (to great effect) in this clip.

#3 - Oh God!: Morgan Freeman gave it a good turn in Bruce Almighty, but I still have to give the slight edge to George Burns in this one.  Just love the way the entire courtroom has that look on their faces of complete enjoyment at watching Burns giving his speech.

#2 - Pumping Iron: This documentary could have derailed many other prospective actors/politicians with the coarse discussions and open drug use.  Instead, it served as an effective introduction to the awesome charisma of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I've always gotten a rush out of seeing Lou Ferrigno screaming Arnold's name in this workout to provide motivation to push himself through the pain.  Whatever PEDs may have been used, it's still staggering to see the amount of weight these guys are training with and the lengths they pushed themselves.

#1 - Star Wars: Not sure what more really needs to be said.  The most impressive opening scene in movie history.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

1976 in film

1976 was a vast improvement over the preceding year in terms of quality up at the top.  There's still controversy that rages to this day over Rocky being voted Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  Frankly, in the aftermath of all the high profile assassinations in the 60's, Vietnam, and Watergate, this country needed a pick-me-up.  Taxi Driver was ultimately too damn depressing and Rocky (for whatever you might think of its sequels) was a feel-good story that had a great plot and some fantastic supporting characters that made it feel real.

#5 - King Kong: Guilt pleasure, I must confess.  It's terribly over the top, and it tries too hard to be relevant about the role of oil set against the backdrop of the OPEC crisis in the 70's.  Jeff Bridges was definitely on the path to bigger and better things.  It's also the motion picture debut of Jessica Lange, who is substantially less annoying than Fay Wray in the original.  Gotta love Jeff's beard...good campy fun!

#4 Carrie: It's amazing how all over the place the adaptations of Stephen King's stuff are.  For every Green Mile, The Shining, or Shawshank Redemption there filler like Pet Sematary, Thinner, and Dreamcatcher.  Carrie goes back and forth between the two for me.  Slow in some places, a little goofy in others...and then sometimes downright creepy as hell.  Interestingly, Piper Laurie was nominated for an Academy Award in 1961 for her role in The Hustler, then didn't do another film until this one fifteen years later.  The result: another Oscar nomination.

#3 - Taxi Driver: Look, I won't debate it's greatness.  Definitely earns a spot among the top hundred American films of all-time.  But this list is of my favorites.  And this is just a downer of a flick.  Violent as hell for the mid-70's as well.  It's cliched to call it an iconic performance from DeNiro because, frankly, he's had at least seven of them.  Also the first of two iconic roles for Jodie Foster and the first of her four Academy Award nominations.

#2 - All The President's Men: I am nothing if not my mother's son.  She's a history junkie and instilled enough of that in me that I wound up earning a degree in history as a college undergraduate.  This movie does a fantastic job of taking what could otherwise be a mundane story about an investigative reporting gig and turning it into a taut thriller.  Bob Woodward only wishes he looked half as good as Redford did playing him.  No Jason Robards in this scene but he was dynamite in his role as Ben Bradlee.

#1 - Rocky: Spoiler alert!  He doesn't win the fight at the end.  I think one of the most underrated moments in films, and because of that possibly my favorite acting moments, are when they give a "look" that communicates everything without saying a word.  Carl Weathers has just that type of moment in this clip at the 1:43 mark.  He knows that to win he's going to have to literally kill this opponent that just refuses to go down as he should have ages ago.  And yet he knows that he's given it everything that he has and there's no guarantee that he won't be the one going to his doom when this resumes.

Friday, August 03, 2012

1975 in film

Wow, after the first couple of movies, it tails off in a hurry.  Evidently I haven't seen too many flicks from when I was a year old, at least not any that could be considered "quality."

#5 - Escape From Witch Mountain: I only have the slightest memory of watching this one as a child.  Can remember laying on the floor in my grandparent's living room on Taggert Avenue watching it on a Saturday afternoon.  Aside from having the evil warden from the original Longest Yard, there's not much else I can tell you about this.  Definitely doesn't crack the top 25 among my favorite Disney efforts.

#4 - Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown: Let's face it, there's the Christmas and Halloween specials and everything else by the Peanuts gang was just trying to ensure that all the other holidays got equal representation.  It's been ages since I've seen it but I'm recalling a premise that involves Charlie Brown not getting any Valentine's Day cards.  Am I close?

#3 - Rocky Horror Picture Show: Not a huge fan, but got sucked into it as a junior in high school.  My girlfriend that year had a fondness for the soundtrack, so it got listened to on several occasions and I consented to sitting down to watch the movie.  The things we do for love.  Hey, two thumbs up for any film that casts Meatloaf!

#2 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: Now we're talking.  I apologize for the music that got overlaid on this clip.  Brad Dourif was absolutely magnificent in this scene, Nicholson wisely stayed in the background and didn't take anything away from the moment, and Louise Fletcher is at her icy worst as one of the most evil screen villains of all-time.

#1 - Jaws: The modern movie landscape of emphasis on summer blockbusters can be traced directly back to Steven Spielberg's first masterpiece.  The fact that you see so little of the shark until the very end lends to the suspense and dread.  And this scene by Robert Shaw belongs in the absolute pantheon of dramatic monologues.  I have two books on the bookshelf at home pertaining to the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis that I bought entirely based on the description of events in this clip.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

1974 in film

948 movies.  As best I can tell from doing film rankings on Flickchart, that's how many movies I have seen in my lifetime.  At approximately two hours a movie, that's 79 days of 24/7 viewing that I've done in my lifetime.  And that's assuming that I only saw each movie one time which, frankly, we all know isn't the case.  Therefore, the theme of the blog today and for the next month is counting down my favorite movies.  One daily entry for each year I've been around, my five favorite movies of each year counted down and with clips.

#5 - The Man With The Golden Gun: In general, I find most of the Roger Moore 007 movies to be silly with too much of an emphasis on gadgets.  However, Christopher Lee as Scaramanga is one of the best Bond villians and Britt Ekland is certainly easy on the eyes.  

#4 - Young Frankenstein: 1974 was a pretty solid year for Mel Brooks, with both this and Blazing Saddle coming out within ten months of each other.  I have two favorite bits of trivia regarding this film.  The first is that most of the laboratory equipment seen in the movie is the exact same equipment used in the famous Boris Karloff version of Frankenstein.  Second is that Aerosmith went to see the film and got the idea to name their iconic song "Walk This Way" from a gag in the movie.

#3 - Monty Python and The Holy Grail: There's two types of people in this world, I'm convinced.  Those who get Monty Python's dry British humor, and those who don't.  So absurd, but so damn funny.

#2 - Blazing Saddles: Maybe the most politically incorrect movie in history and one I'm not sure could even get made today.  Clevon Little did a great job as the sheriff but there's still a part of me that wishes Mel Brooks had gotten his first choice--Richard Pryor.  This might be my single favorite delivery of a comic line ever.

#1 - The Godfather Part II: It seems ridiculous in hindsight, but this film wasn't supposed to work.  Sequels were extremely rare and almost always flops before this masterpiece.  Jumping around in time from 1901 to 1958 to 1917 and carrying on multiple story lines was going to be too confusing for the audience.  The story had been told in epic fashion and anything else was going to be a redundancy.  Well, so much for conventional wisdom.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Sometimes it feels like I collect for the sake of collecting.  My treasure troves of music, movies, and books is staggering in its obsessiveness, but the irony is that I haven't read half the books I've got on my shelves or likely listened to even 10% of the songs in my music library.  To say nothing of the hundreds of hours I could spend viewing movies I own but have never actually watched.

So here's my goal to myself.  One new movie per week.  One new album per week.  And thirty minutes per night of curling up with a good book.

Movies, not an issue.  All the ladies in my family crash for a solid Sunday afternoon nap of at least two hours every week.  Should I not be able to finish that movie before they all awake, I can finish it off before bed that night.  Music, not an issue.  The time I spend in a car driving to and from work each day should easily let me knock out an album in a single day.  And I figure thirty minutes with a book to wind down before going to bed at night will be ideal.

Reviews to come.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I was checking out my best friend's blog last week and he made some comment about needing to clean some other blogs off his "to watch" list due to inactivity.  Since it's been 53 weeks since I last updated this, I can only assume I fall into that camp.  Deservedly so.  That being the case, I'm making my triumphant return to the blogosphere this evening.
By chance, today happens to be the 27th anniversary of Live Aid.  It took place back in 1985, two days after I turned eleven.  I don't recall watching it the day of, although I certainly remember the hoopla.  It wasn't until I purchased the DVD of the show four or five years ago that I got to watch some of it.  With regret, I must confess that I have not yet sat down and watched all four discs start to finish and have no doubt missed plenty of great music.

As you're probably aware, Bob Geldof put together Band Aid as a means of raising funds to combat famine relief in Ethiopia back in the mid-80's after seeing a BBC report on the crisis.  After the success of "Do They Know It's Christmas" and the American response "We Are The World," Geldof became more ambitious and made plans for the largest concert event in history.

There were some definite highlights.  After over a decade of perfecting their own unique style of campy rock, Queen was the highlight of the show and Freddie Mercury demonstrated why he was the greatest frontman in the history of arena rock.

It's not on the DVD (I've checked) but this was one of the rare 80's reunions of the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin...with Phil Collins standing in on drums.

It was Geldof's party, so it was only appropriate that the Boomtown Rats got together to play "I Don't Like Mondays."

And if Queen stole the show, the other major highlight was U2 going from college radio darling to worldwide superstars with their fourteen minute set.

In the end, approximately $233 million dollars has been raised to date by the Live Aid concert and other sales associated with the event.  Between JFK Stadium in Philadelphia and London's Wembley Stadium, 172,000 fans saw the performance live, while it was estimated that 1.9 billion viewed the telecast.

Saturday, July 09, 2011