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I'm terribly excited that I finally found this on the web. Two Octobers back I lamented on this blog that it was a crying shame that the single most entertaining sword fight in movie history was nowhere to be seen on the Internet. But no more!

It bears ranking is based largely on the clever banter back and forth between the two. In terms of quality of swordsmanship or drama, perhaps these might be more to your liking. Sword, knife, or lightsaber!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Duel To The Death
The Empire Strikes Back (a close second)
The Mark Of Zorro
The Mask Of Zorro
Monty Python and The Holy Grail
The Phantom Menace
Rebel Without A Cause
Revenge Of The Sith
Rob Roy
Star Wars
Under Siege



Blogger PHSChemGuy said...

It's the stretching in the Mark of Zorro clip that really does it for me...and the general foppish nature of the whole thing - two clearly northern-European white guys pretending to be Spaniards...and those boots, so studly...

The Crouching Tiger scene is amazing...I remember seeing that in the theater and being awed...

big fan of Catherine Zeta Jones...thanks for posting a clip with her...

where's the Gay Blade highlight, though?

I'd never seen the Duel to the Death clip...never heard of the movie, even...but the hair does scream 80's...too many quick cuts for my taste...can't follow the action...

Segal plucked out that guy's eye...dude...

Never seen Revenge of the Sith...the first two of the sequel were so horrible, I couldn't bring myself to see the third...after watching all the others, the lightsabers just make it look so much like a cartoon that it's tough to take that fight scene seriously...sure, there are sparks and lava and beards and all, but it's like a comic book version of the other fight scenes...seriously, they're fighting on some sort of lava raft?...and it's about to go over a lava waterfall?...that is such crap...

let me suggest two more from Hero - the initial, grey fight scene and the later, red science - or this one from Kung Fu Hustle?

And, thanks, man...that's like an hour of my life I should've used doing something else...ya bum...

11:17 AM  
Blogger coachsullivan said...

Honest to god, I was starting to search for the Gay Blade and the boss called from upstairs for dinner. I saved it and then never updated.

Unlike the original trilogy, which had two solid entries and then the one with the Ewoks, you're right, the first two in the prequel trilogy were crinch-worthy. I thought Revenge of the Sith went a long way towards redeeming ol' George. The scenes with Anakin and Padme were still painful, but otherwise there was a lot more to suck ya in.

I know I'm missing more than this.

10:14 PM  

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