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Blogger PHSChemGuy said...

"The Fly" at about 1:50 it looks like there's cameras rolling past Bono. Any guess as to why the group was filming the concert themselves?

"Mysterious Ways" looks like there's an office building behind. Where was the concert? Bono moves like a huge dork.

Adam Clayton in all white looks about as dorky as possible - especially during "Get On Your Boots". The big, cheesy grin doesn't scream 'rock god'.

fade out of Miss Sarajevo was weird. Wonder what the roadie was putting up on stage.

The Zooropa vid makes it looks like you had some helacious rain. Was that actually rain or just smoke effects?

I'll Go Crazy Tonight was remarkably different than the album version with what sounded like a digital drum track.

Do you think you posted Where the Streets in large enough format?

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Blogger coachsullivan said...

I wouldn't put it past the group to be documenting this tour to put out a DVD release later. However, it could very well be that the camera you saw was getting the video for the huge 360 degree screen that was suspended above the stage.

The concert was on Vandy's campus, right near where Wayne used to live. I think there was a classroom building nearby as well as a hotel directly behind the stadium. Agreed on Bono. He's still a legendary frontman, but I think there's still a wide gap between him (and everyone else) as compared to Freddie Mercury.

Has there been a time when Adam Clayton didn't look dorky? I sort of thought that was as assumed part of his schtick.

Can't access the Miss Sarajevo vid from this computer so no comment.

No rain whatsoever, must have been an effect. Not a cloud in the sky, but also not a hint of a breeze, which made for an oppressive 88 degrees at the start of the concert.

Not sure how I felt about the revamped "Crazy," one of only three tracks I really enjoyed off the last album. Personally, I think it was just an excuse to let Larry get out from behind the drum set and stretch his legs.

Sorry about the extra big "Streets" vid, had no idea. Picked the one with the best sound quality, but it does no justice to the production value of the lights/smoke/atmosphere for the stage during that particular song. As always, it's the highlight of the show.

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