Monday, April 24, 2017


It started innocently enough, with the 3rd grader giving her little sister a disapproving look while at the local fall festival parade back in October.  This might have all started a little sooner but I was slow uploading pics from that month to Facebook and it didn't hit the internet until the start of April...

While at a birthday party for my niece, we thought it would be fun to give me "tattoos," one for every yahoo I had to block online for being willfully stupid (although if that were the case, you could have just taken a Sharpie to my face instead).

Five minutes after this went online, a young man from our church saw my photo, remembered the one I'd recently posted.  The result:

I loved it.  Everyone loved it.  My daughter was slightly bemused.  My daughter is also a huge Star Wars fan, something that Adam knew.  Hence his next effort later that day.

Followed a few days later by this one after the first trailer dropped for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

George Lucas is notorious for tinkering with his movies and making revisions that some fans find controversial.  Taking out Alec Guinness for the next Super Special Edition will likely be met with outrage.

Alas, it was inevitable that eventually Katie would break out of the Star Wars world and into the realm of politics.  She was a Hillary supporter last fall and this actually mirrors her feelings on these fine Americans.

At this point, the requests are flying in.  Most recently, someone wanted her inserted in the artwork that was featured prominently in the best-forgotten 1989 flick Ghostbusters 2.  Consider it done!

More to come for certain!


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