Thursday, August 16, 2007


Not like I wasn't well aware of the fact that my significant other is smarter than me. I know this is true because I never have won an argument in two years of marriage and four years of dating prior to that. But at least I could take solace in the fact that, from an educational standpoint, we were both sitting on a high school diploma (her from Scecina, me from New Albany) and college diploma (both from Franklin) each. Luckily for me, GPAs aren't included.

But now my sweet little overachiever has gone and added a master's degree to her side of the ledger. When we exchanged vows and mentioned that "for better for worse" part, who knew that some of the worst could include the stress that an on-line graduate program would bring?

So this past weekend, it was off to Marion (same county that gave us James Dean, Garfield, and Purple Reign) to help her celebrate commencement. It's a beautiful campus on the south side of town, home of the defending NAIA Division 2 national champion women's basketball team.

Aside from seeing my girl cross the stage to pick up her diploma, the highlight of the day was definitely the short drive over to Upland, just on the otherside of I-69. Aside from being the home to Taylor University, it's also the location of Ivanhoe's. As much as I love Zesto's, there isn't a finer ice cream establishment in all of Indiana, if not the Midwest. Amazing as it sounds, there are 100 different sundaes and 100 different shakes on the menu, along with the traditional fare. In all, there have only been two customers ever that have successfully in their lifetimes tried all 200 of the treats. I loved going there whenever our basketball team would go up and play Taylor, and I was fired up about getting to go there again. I highly recommend it if you're on the way from Indianapolis to Ft. Wayne.

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