Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Came across this little blurb a few weeks back on Yahoo...Sports Illustrated was going to start a website with access to every single article that has ever appeared in 54 years of the magazine's existance.

Seriously, chew on that for a moment. The greatest sports writing of the past half century, available in just a few short keystrokes. Not everything is up yet, but they're well on their way

For the hardcore IU fan, you can read about the championship of 1987. Or the article about Bob Knight that soured him on Curry Kirkpatrick.

How about the greatest literary April Fool's Joke in history?
Want to scroll back though the moments that earned Muhammad Ali the title of The Greatest? You wouldn't go wrong reading about the Thrilla in Manilla, the Rumble in the Jungle, The Fight, and the one with the Phantom Punch.
Sometimes they were really wrong.

Sometimes they did a pretty good job jumping on the bandwagon.

Secretariat has been mentioned in 469 articles over the years. Compare that to Larry Bird's 274, 136 for Magic Johnson, and Joe Montana with 177. Hey, none of them performed quite like Big Red did at the Belmont in '73.

And the covers are great, too. Back during college, I probably had something close to 300 of them wallpapering my dorm rooms. Really wish I'd held onto them in a folder, or at least had a picture that I could have attached here. Classy look, I tell you...

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Blogger PHSChemGuy said...

Oh, crap...I just read through the '87 title article and have to stop or I'll be done for...

you have pointed out days of entertainment, thanks...

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Hey, could you do me a favor?

Go to your blog's settings and click on the archive tab. Choose to Enable Post Pages?

It'll make things show up better on my RSS feed reader.

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