Sunday, September 10, 2006

Franklin over Wabash! Sorry, it happens so infrequently in football that it's how I had to lead today's blog. This shout out goes to the best man in my wedding!

First note...let's all bow our heads for a moment of silence. Today's the sixth anniversary of a wretched day in Indiana University history. Some people love him, others hate him. Count me in the first group. Bobby, I wish you were passing Adolph Rupp and Dean Smith along the sidelines at Assembly Hall this winter to become the winningest NCAA Division 1 men's coach of all-time. Here's hoping you stick around long enough to get to 1000 wins and add another championship.

I don't follow high school football too closely, but enough to know that this was a stunner. Ben Davis High School on the west side of Indianapolis has traditionally been THE power in Indiana over the past two decades, with about a half-dozen state titles and one national championship. What Warren Central (the defending state champs) did to the Giants on Friday night, however, bordered on the unbelievable...#1 trouncing #2 by TEN TOUCHDOWNS.

Finally, congratulations to Geno Auriemma, the women's basketball coach at the University of Connecticut, for his induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame over the weekend. I wouldn't be presumptuous enough to claim to be a friend of Geno's, but I did spend three summer's up in Storrs working his basketball camps in recent years. Whether it was having beers down at Ted's bar or watching Red Sox games on the big screen in Mcmahon Hall, he always struck me as a pretty down to earth kind of fellow...albeit one with five national championships in the last twelve years. He's a little brash for some, but he does the things the right way, the kids graduate--and he wins. Good work, Coach!

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Blogger PHSChemGuy said...

In order...

Clearly the refs at Franklin were homers. I could tell from my chair in Cincinnati.

Bobby is a great coach, one of the half dozen greatest college basketball coaches of all time (Rupp, Dean, Wooden, Kryzewski, Knight - can't think of any others in the discussion off hand). He was treated much too gingerly for a long time and then much too harshly for a short time.

Warren must be a heck of a team to see play. I've seen some good HS football, but that sounds ridiculous.

And congrats to any hall of famer.

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