Sunday, September 24, 2006

Outside of maybe Texas, the biggest high school football rivalry in the nation is right here in Louisville, KY. When St. Xavier and Trinity, two private all-boys schools less than five miles apart from one another, come together, it's complete insanity.

Think about it. The major metropolitan newspaper starts doing massive articles almost a full week in advance, putting a high school game on a higher priority level than the local major colleges. Alumni from out-of-town plan yearly vacations to coincide with the game. For heaven's sake, they typically have 35,000 turn out for the game, which includes tailgating for 4-6 hours in advance of kickoff.

Doesn't hurt that they're usually pretty dang good. Between them, St. X and Trinity have combined for 25 of the last 37 state championships in the big school division. Last year, Trinity won in the regular season convincingly but St. X beat them in the title game.

After all the buildup this year, however, the game was cancelled due to the terrible weather that killed several people in the area. No makeup for the regular season game, but look for these two to bump heads somewhere along the state tournament trail.


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