Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why are we killing this guy? It's has absolutely blown my mind the way Alex Rodriguez has gotten hammered by the press and fans in New York this season. You would think that he's the worst player to ever grace the pinstripes the way he's been dogged. Good lord, folks, he's on pace to hit .284 with 35 homers, 165 hits and 122 RBI. To put that in perspective, if you give him a seventeen year career with those numbers, you're looking at a .284 average with 595 home runs, 2805 hits and 2074 RBI. The home run totals would place 5th all-time, the hits would put him at 45th, and the RBI would slide in at 4th. Those are first ballot Hall of Fame numbers that he's putting up.

I mean, if this is the Alex Rodriguez we see for the next seven year (taking him to age 38), you're looking at his career numbers being .297 with 3215 hits, 2197 RBI and 708 homers. Those are better numbers than Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Micky Mantle and Reggie Jackson. Cut the guy some friggin' slack.

Of course, he'd better pick it up starting in the next couple of weeks!


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