Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, that was just about the most eventful weekend I can remember. Friday night, it's off to Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) for the first concert that anyone can remember at that hallowed venue. How's this for a twin bill: Alice Cooper followed by the Rolling Stones?

I was more excited about Alice Cooper than anyone else in my group. They were hoping for Kanye West or Dave Matthews, who are also spotting as opening acts among others along the way. He puts on a hell of a show and despite his public persona, now that he's conquered his personal demons he's just a heck of a nice guy by just about every account. Plus, if you're ever out in Phoenix, he's got a restaurant you should stop by.

The Stones, well, what can you say? I found their forays into the blues for a couple of songs to be outstanding, we got two songs of Keith Richards on lead vocals, the biggest crowd participations--surprisingly, I thought--was for "Honky Tonk Woman"...I'd have to rank this show just ahead of Prince and slightly behind U2 in my top three concerts I've ever been to. The stange set-up was had to be eight stories high and a city block wide, from my estimation out in BFE. Jagger certainly doesn't move around like someone in their mid-60's, he was all over the place and non-stop energy.

Saturday, going in a completely different direction, I saw my first Notre Dame football game ever. You hear all about the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, blah, blah, blah. Trust me, it's an overwhelming experience to be there in person for the first time. First off, it's a campus-wide event for hours leading up to it. Just walking through campus--the most beautiful in Indiana--and soaking it all in leading up to kickoff was just as impressive as anything inside the stadium. Being in the middle of a crowd of 80,000 rabid Irish fans (well, about 74,000 Irish fans and a very vocal group of Purdue supporters), awesome. Hearing a crowd that size sing "America The Beautiful" and the national anthem was beyond description. And it was refreshing as all get out to be at a sporting event that was minus pyrotechnics, loud music blasting, basically an all-out assault on your senses. It was football, plain and simple, no frills and I loved it.

Finally, I almost ran this guy clean over as I was walking into the stadium. Had to apologize profusely before realizing who it was. Sorry!


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that's a hell of a weekend, man...

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