Friday, October 06, 2006


Just a busy weekend of painting, watching football, riding in the town parade, and getting caught up on a little bit of work. With no real theme to touch on today, I offer for your viewing pleasure:

What happens when you cross Chris Farley's SNL Chippendale's sketch with Napoleon Dynamite? Let's see.

Second most successful movie franchise--behind Star Wars--of all-time? James Bond
Highest grossing movie all-time, adjusted for inflation? "Gone With the Wind" Fastest movie to make $200 million? "Spider-Man 2"
Biggest earner in 1990? "Home Alone"
These and other interesting movie related monetary facts at the web site for Box Office Reports.

Teddy Ruxpin goes berserk (sort of).

Bruce Springsteen plays comedian during his introduction of U2 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

President George W. Bush doing his rendition (speaking of U2) of "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Bizarre play in the Colts-Jets game that nearly gave me a heart attack driving back from Elizabethtown last Sunday. Reminiscent of another play in recent years that went from exhilirating to downright painful in a matter of seconds.


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