Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I lose track if this is Year 9 or 10 for my favorite web site of all-time. In 1996-97, some friends asked me to write for a site called (don't bother to check, it's not there anymore). I agreed, but on the condition that they allow me to spend at least a third of my time covering girls high school basketball. We hung it up after a year, but I was pleased shortly thereafter to find out about a site devoted exclusively to that subject.

It was designed originally to give on-line covereage to players in the section of Indiana known as The Region, located to the southeast of Chicago. It has developed into much more than that over the years, and is the best site of its kind in the world. I don't know many fans, players and coaches in the state that don't frequent it.

The couple that run it are in the web development business, and I would highly recommend their services if you're in need of putting together a web site. And if you're looking in the latest for stylish sports-related outfits, adorned by Region Roundball motiffs, look no further.

I have found this to be an invaluable resource in my chosen profession. More importantly, I've met a lot of good people over the years via this site, and have really enjoyed those relationships. Keep up the good work!


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